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Special Offerings

Kuge's Testimony at Highland Baptist Church, Georgetown, Indiana, USA July 25, 2004
English  Japanese

Same Sermons In Original English And Translated Japanese Version:

  • Psalm 4, A Report From Satan: English  Japanese
  • Matthew 5:20, The Pharisees In The Gospel Of Matthew: English  Japanese
  • Mark 16:1-6, 15 & 16; Isaiah 53, The Witness Of Native Americans: English  Japanese
  • First Peter 4:10-19, Transforming The Threads Of Our Personality:  A Study Of Peter's Character: English  Japanese

Mike's Messages

The Bishop's Message: English      Japanese

Gisuke Chujoh's Book "The Reasons For The Revival In The Korean Church: How A Japanese Missionary Experienced It"

  • Preface       English
  • Chapter I  Special Features Of The Korean Churches      English
  • Chapter II  A Thoroughly Biblically Centered Faith            Japanese
  • Chapter III  [Koreans] Offer Up Fervent Prayer      English      Japanese
  • Chapter IV  [Koreans] Risk Their Lives For Missions            Japanese
  • Chapter V  Dedicated Service And Sacrifical Offerings
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Same Sermons In Japanese, Chinese And English: Chinese Simple FontThe J-E is located by date on the version page.  The Chinese is located at the following links:

Rev. T. J. de Ruiter on Revelation 15 and 16, The 7 Bowls In Revelation This message is not a translation.